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Quality Aggregates for your

Landscaping or Construction Project

Adams Bros Construction Ltd. is the leading supplier of quality aggregates throughout the Parry Sound area and can also provide delivery to your work site. Our company has developed and established several licensed aggregate processing sites and facilities for the production and processing of a variety of products. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality aggregate materials and supplies for contractors, home builders, road builders, landscapers, developers and individuals. Whether you need new mulch in the landscaping around your home or business or need sod for your new construction project, we’ve got it. We offer the following aggregate products:


  • Sand fill

  • Brown fill


  • ¾ A-Gravel

  • Limestone screening


  • ¾ A-gravel


  • Natural

  • Coloured


  • Pitrun gravel

  • 5/8 "A" gravel

  • ¾ "A" gravel


  • ¾ clear granite

  • 1" clear granite

  • Granite screening

  • 2" clear granite

  • 2" minus stone "B"

  • 6" minus stone

  • 6"-8" crib stone


  • Screened sand

  • Mortar sand

  • Beach sand

  • Whitby sand (filter)


  • Unscreened topsoil

  • Screened topsoil

  • Topsoil and manure

  • Triple mix soil


  • 1" to 3" washed

  • 3" to 5" washed

  • 1" and smaller

  • 2" to 6"

  • 6" and up

  • River stone

Disclaimer: Calculations are an approximation only and not 100% accurate.

If you need help to find the best product for your project, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We are the trusted professionals with over 50 years of experience. Our friendly staff will be able to discuss your project in detail and help you find the best material for the job.

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