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Adams Bros Construction Ltd. is the

Solution to All Your Septic System Problems

Septic System Design, Repair & Replacement
Septic systems must follow several requirements and meet certain specifications in order to be installed. Adams Bros Construction Ltd. is licenced by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in order to be able to meet all these requirements on your septic system project. Danielle Ward is our septic system specialist. Her expertise in the latest technologies ensures that your septic system will be up to date and following all of the requirements. Let her help you in any of the following areas:

  • Sewage system design

  • On-site consulting

  • Septic system installation

  • Inspections of existing systems

  • Vacant land assessments

  • Completion of severance and file review applications

  • Specialized Tertiary Systems

  • Filter maintenance

  • Free quotes for new construction, repairs, expansions or replacements

  • Septic system troubleshooting

Septic B2

Our team will help you get your construction project rolling by ensuring that your sewage system permit is in place and helping you with any roadblocks you encounter along the way. Adams Bros Construction Ltd. will waive their design fees for septic systems if we perform the installation. Let us help you get started on your new construction project in Parry Sound.

Septic tank sectional view


Septic truck

Keep Your Septic Tank Clean and Working with Routine Pumping
Since your septic tank acts as the first line of defense by accumulating solid material and preventing it from clogging up your septic bed, it is extremely important that those materials are removed on a routine basis to ensure they do not make it down stream. Most of the time there are no signs that you have let your tank go too long between pumping until it is too late. Newly installed systems now have a physical filter in place to further prevent the passing of solids to the drainfield, but older systems do not. Most systems today currently in use do not have this filter.

You Must Remember to Clean Your Filter!

The frequency with which your septic tank needs to be pumped depends on the size of the tank and the number of occupants in the home. For most homes, the septic tank should be pumped every three to five years. Adams Bros Construction Ltd. can provide this service for you. We have a regular set fee for service within a 25 kilometer radius of Parry Sound. Our business is licenced by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to manage septic waste, which means we make sure all septic waste is disposed of properly. Let us help with any of your septic system services, including:

The Eljen GSF system

The Eljen GSF system is a highly cost-effective upgrade from several other septic technologies. Comprised of a proprietary two-stage Bio-Matt™ pre-treatment process, the geotextile modules in this system apply a better-than-secondary septic tank effluent to the soil; increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent. The result of this is superior treatment in a smaller soil absorption area that does not require a mantle. Eljen Corporation has seen over 25 years of success in the on-site wastewater industry, with tens of thousands of systems that are currently in use. The GSF system is recognized by industry leaders as one of the most reliable treatment technologies from the ones that are available in the marketplace today.

  • Pump-outs for your home, cottage, outhouses, portable toilets, camping trailers, motor homes, etc.

  • Regular set fees within a 25km radius of the Parry Sound area

  • Septic pumping in hard to reach and steep locations with our smaller 1-ton truck

  • Steaming for plugged or frozen tanks and lines

  • Pump-out contracts for holding tanks

  • Replacement lids, baffles, collars, etc.

  • Locate septic tanks and lids

  • Rental and service of portable toilets

  • Consultation and information on the care and maintenance of your septic system

  • Emergency and weekend septic service

  • Licensed haulage and disposal of waste at Ministry of the Environment sites and lagoons

If you have a septic emergency, Adams Bros Construction is able to provide emergency and weekend service to get your problem fixed as soon as possible. Contact us today.

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