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Trusted Demolition & Blasting Services for

Your Parry Sound Construction Project

Adams Bros Construction Ltd. is the demolition, excavation and general contractor for your construction project in Parry Sound. Our team is fully equipped with all the required licences to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds expectation, provide a safe working environment and provide demolition on a professional level. Adams Bros Construction Ltd. can complete demolition on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

You can rely on the demolition contractors at Adams Bros Construction Ltd. Our staff has experience with a wide variety of demolition projects and our machinery and fleet of trucks is capable of quickly moving demolition debris off of your work site. We try to recycle as much of the demolition waste as we possibly can instead of disposing all of it straight to the local landfill.


Safe, Reliable Rock and Concrete Removal
If you’ve reached a roadblock on your construction project due to rock, concrete or other hard faced objects, Adams Bros Construction Ltd is able to help. We specialize in the application of high explosives for controlled blasting that will aid in the excavation of rock and reinforced concrete. Our highly trained team is also able to use low pressure explosives for the sensitive areas around structures and other areas you want undisturbed.

We have all the equipment you need to get rid of that rock or hard faced object, all the while being safe. Utilizing a multitude of equipment and the industry’s leading blasting products, like Dexpan® and NXbursT™, we can handle anything you throw at us. We offer all of the following services to help in your blasting projects:

Rock removal
  • Interior, exterior rock and boulder removal

  • Drilling, blasting and fracturing

  • Blasting for the construction of residential foundations, roads and drainage

  • Shoreline or underwater projects (permit required)

  • Waste bin rental available for cleanup of sites.

  • Hand tools, cut-off saws, diamond drills and cutters available for rent at ACE Rentals

Adams Bros. is proud to serve the Parry Sound area with demolition and rock fracturing services. Call us for your excavation, demolition, wrecking, underground storage tank and concrete removal needs.

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