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Spill Clean Up & Contaminate Disposal in Parry Sound

Adams Bros Construction Ltd. offers a variety of environmental services from recycling materials to disposal of contaminated waste. Environmental protection is the top priority for our company while completing property repairs, product installations and facility upgrades. We have some of the latest equipment to extract harmful contaminates and carry a range environmental products to help protect the environment. Our company is licenced by the Ministry of Environment and we can handle any environmental situation that may arise. Adams Bros Construction Ltd. can offer services in all of the following areas:

  • Fuel tank removals

  • Spill clean ups (Oil, fuel oil, furnace oil, diesel fuel, PCBs and other toxic waste)

  • Recycling

  • Waste disposal

Highway clean-up


Our services don’t end with just the removal of visible oils or fuels; Adams Bros Construction Ltd. also works in conjunction with envinronmental consultants to provide bio-remediation to return the environment to its original condition. Through this process, we clean up, remediate and decontaminate the surrounding affected soils and surfaces using a specially designed microbe. You can rest easy knowing that your cleanup is being done by fully insured and licensed companies. Our staff is even able to handle all insurance and government recordings and


Adams Bros Construction Ltd. also stocks and sells absorbents, bolsters, pads and bio-bugs that eat up and digest oil for those who have a spill they are working to clean up themselves. If you find yourself facing any type of chemical or toxic spill, contact us for quick and onsite service.

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